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"The Mad Doctor" Production Drawling (Walt Disney, 1933)

"The Mad Doctor" Production Drawling (Walt Disney, 1933)


The Mad Doctor Mickey Mouse Animation Drawing (Walt Disney, 1933)


Directed by David Hand, this uncharacteristically nightmarish Mickey Mouse short was famously banned in United Kingdom theaters for being too scary. It also features an early example of hand-drawn animation depicting camera movement through three-dimensional space, in which Mickey makes his way through a crumbling corridor and falls down a flight of stairs. Here is a fantastic 3.5" tall drawing of Mickey Mouse believed to be from that short on 12 field 2-peghole animation paper, rendered in graphite and numbered "17" in the lower right corner. The paper shows minor handling and slight paper toning along the edges, and the pegholes are reinforced. Condition is Very Good.

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